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The Best Rooftop Bar in Phuket

Reach for the stars!

A luxury rooftop bar & best sunset bar in Phuket


Step up to a sky bar that mingles with the stars! Sip amazing cocktails and wine whilst enjoying Phuket’s best ocean and sunset views. Perched 55m above sea level—the highest luxury rooftop bar on the island—AKOYA Star Lounge is poised to be the best rooftop bar in Phuket! Offering a secluded, private  clifftop locale, gorgeous design-driven interiors, a world-class mixology and wine menu and paralleled service, AKOYA Star Lounge is the luxury rooftop bar experience that Phuket has been waiting for!

Vacationers and residents of Phuket, Thailand’s most popular island destination, agree the spectacular island has amazing sunsets. In fact, travellers and locals relish the idea of ending a day of laidback island living in a luxury rooftop bar or a sky bar in Phuket. There is no better place to soak in a breathtaking sunset than on a rooftop bar in Phuket!

Without doubt, the opening of AKOYA Star Lounge, then newly-opened V Villas Phuket’s luxury rooftop bar, is Phuket’s most anticipated opening of 2021. Perched 55 meters above sea level AKOYA Star Lounge is poised to be the best sunset bar in Phuket. The highly exclusive sky bar in Phuket is the highest among all the luxury rooftop bars in Phuket.

Of course, a sky bar in Phuket is not a novelty. Hotels and restaurants on the island often tout their luxury rooftop bar, but V Villas Phuket promises that AKOYA Start Lounge is distinctive, and indeed it is! Let’s find out why AKOYA Star Lounge is not only the best sunset bar in Phuket and the best rooftop bar in Phuket, period!

Aficionados of luxury rooftop bars and sky bars in Phuket have high expectations, and AKOYA Star Lounge at V Villas Phuket surpasses all expectations, making this fabulous luxury rooftop bar. The place to unwind at the end of any day on the island.




On a private hilltop, a sky bar in Phuket

Perched on a secluded private hilltop 55 meters above sea level, AKOYA Star Lounge is the newly opened V Villas Phuket’s luxury rooftop bar. Taking advantage of the remote, private locale and the high elevation, AKOYA Star Lounge is more appropriately a landmark sky bar in Phuket. From its sky high location, the luxury rooftop bar offers an outstanding 360° of Ao Yon Bay and across the Andaman Sea, as far as the eye can see.

The remote, private locale also translates to less light pollution. When the sun slips into the horizon, AKOYA Star Lounge’s perfectly private location means you have a front row seat of Phuket’s famous technicolour sunsets. Imagine gorgeous streaks of coral, reds, purples and blues, luxury yachts and local fishing boats in the harbour and lovely, light sea breezes as the sun slips behind the horizon. AKOYA Star Lounge is undeniably the best sunset bar in Phuket!


Luxury rooftop bar with architectural finesse

Architecturally-designed to take advantage of the site’s unique elevation, AKOYA is perched 55 metres above sea level and sits on the roof of  V Villas Phuket’s Yon|Ocean House. The luxury rooftop bar is inspired by akoya sea pearl, which is the inspiration for natural and sophisticated design and experience of both V Villas Phuket and AKOYA Star Lounge.

The luxury rooftop bar’s interior design features the delicate colours and iridescent lustre of local akoya oyster pearls, which are farmed naturally in Ao Yon Bay, just below the cliffside resort. Sophisticated cabana and lounge seating in a soft colour palette evoke the natural luster and elegance of akoya pearls. Verdant plants, water features and lighting create a warm, festive ambiance and complement the moonlight and stars glittering above. The moonlight, stars and the casually sophisticated ambiance makes this the perfect sky bar in Phuket experience and is ideal for a romantic evening or a celebratory night out with friends.


Creative mixology at the best sunset bar in Phuket

Whether you are looking for a luxury rooftop bar experience to celebrate or simply to sip delicious cocktails at the  best sunset spot in Phuket, V Villas Phuket’s luxury rooftop bar offers an outstanding wine and mixology line up that will satisfy all the senses!

AKOYA Star Lounge features among the best selection of champagne and wines of any rooftop bar in Phuket. World class vintages from France, Germany, Spain, as well as new world wines from the United State, New Zealand and Australia fill exceptionally well-stocked wine cellars. AKOYA Star Lounge’s expert team of mixologists craft an original menu—completely unique to the resort—with exotic ingredients that pay homage to V Villas Phuket’s Thai coastal and European  influences.


An out of this world, tapas-inspired menu

V Villas Phuket delivers excellence in gastronomy throughout its dining venues, and AKOYA Star Lounge is no exception! Floating amidst the clouds and stars, AKOYA Star Lounge is a  sky bar in Phuket with panoramic ocean views and a divine small plates  menu! Rooftop bars in Phuket often overlook the cuisine; however, AKOYA Star Lounge is a luxury rooftop bar that delivers a gastronomic experience on par with world class restaurants.

The resort’s culinary team have curated a tapas menu with creative dishes that bridge Thai coastal cuisine with Mediterrnean, French and East Asian influence. Presented in modern tapas-inspired presentations, the menu includes savoury and sweet options, as well as sharing platters for social gatherings, celebrations, reunions and parties.

A luxury rooftop bar, AKOYA Star Lounge offers a Thai-Mediterranean menu with specialities like Arancini stuffed with local Phuket crab truffle puree, smoked Tasmanian salmon ceviche with tamari seaweed salad and imported baked Parma ham skewers spruced up with arugula and mango dressing. Or, if you crave richer flavours, nibble on the baked Porcini mushroom cream in pastry choux and seared butter scallops with pea puree and

Thai-Asian canapés include fresh local ingredients and spices, notable East Asian recipes and local Phuket’s multicultural culinary influences. For instance, try the delightfully chic Bangkok-Tokyo sushi with tajima Wagyu (score 4), northern Thai rice berries and chili tamarind sauce.

The culinary team is dedicated to using the highest quality local ingredients and imported specialties, changing the menu often to highlight the best of the season. The best sunset bar in Phuket, possibly the best dining spot in Phuket!

Chill, vibe, dance among the stars

Good music and celebrity DJ sets are the benchmark for outstanding luxury rooftop bars, and here, once again AKOYA Star Lounge is poised to be the best rooftop bar in Phuket. The luxury rooftop bar features an outstanding line-up of live music and celebrity DJ sets, an ideal backdrop if you are in the mood to chill to good vibes or to dance the night away.

A rooftop bar in Phuket unlike any other, distinguished by its private hilltop location perched 55 metres above sea level, AKOYA Star Lounge features spectacular architectural design, a world class wine and cocktails menu and exceptional tapas-inspired menu.

Poised to be the best luxury rooftop bar in Phuket and the best sunset spot in Phuket, AKOYA Star Lounge welcomes guests of V Villas Phuket and local guests and travellers around Phuket.





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