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Our Commitment to Sustainability

V Villas Phuket is deeply committed to sustainability in all aspects of hospitality and operations

We are diligent in protecting the health of our planet, our team and our guests.



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Our sustainable activities are visible in each department from the guest rooms to the spa and dining outlets. Below are highlights of our commitment.


✓  We do not use single-use plastic water bottles in the hotel. Reusable glass bottles are provided for guests rooms and banquet services.

Paper water cartons are available for takeaway. 


✓  Our hotel key cards are made from recycled wood, as opposed to plastic  


✓  All light bulbs in the hotel are retrofitted with energy-efficient LED lights which produce less heat, zero UV emissions and long-lasting


✓  Our hotel car parks is equipped with EV charging stations, to help promote green vehicles  


✓  We participate in sustainable projects, working closely with the local schools to improve buildings and student facilities


✓  The resort is involved in fund-raising programs and events, such as annual “You Run We Raise”, for community improvement projects


✓  Our Green Globe and ESG Committees spearhead sustainability initiatives around the hotel and within the community


✓  Our Sustainable Marketing Plan builds awareness of our eco-commitment within the hotel and within the community


✓  We source and purchase products locally and responsibly. We follow fair trade principles.


✓  All villas are equipped with PAC Frenergy, a state-of-the-art renewable energy system that uses the heat from ACs to heat water for washing and bathing


✓  Premium spirits and liquors resort cocktail menus use Ecospirit, a renewable packaging alternative to single-use glass and plastic. 


✓  The resort utilises a water-recycling process wherein waste water is repurposed to irrigate the resort landscape


✓  An on-site garden, located near the spa, produces FAO endorsed, GAP-certified flowers such as butterfly pea, chain of love, little yellow star, cranberry hibiscus and globe amaranth. These flowers are used by the kitchen and bar team to flavour and garnish cuisine and cocktails.


✓  Our in-room wet and dry amenities are single-use plastic free. Wet amenities in rooms and public areas are replaced with refillable containers.

Dry amenities use recyclable materials and packaging. 


✓  Toilets in guest rooms, public areas and back-of-house employee areas have been retrofitted with water efficient dual flush systems.  


✓  Free filtered water refill stations are provided free of charge to guests and employees. 


✓  Our culinary teams follow a stringent food waste policy, in order to reduce waste and limit CO2 emissions.


✓  Our menus reflect a conscientious effort to introduce more plant base, vegetarian and vegan ingredients and dishes  


✓  We use energy efficient refrigerators in guest rooms and throughout the hotel. All old models have been replaced.


✓  Our team receives comprehensive training for sustainability awareness




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