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Ao Yon Bay, Newest Phuket Viewpoint!

Perched on private hilltop above pristine Ao Yon Bay, the luxury pool villas at V Villas Phuket boast spectacular ocean views and the best Phuket viewpoints


New & Old Phuket Viewpoints


Phuket Island is often listed as one of the world’s best tropical islands, and for good reason! Straddling the country’s western seaboard, Phuket boasts a long, gorgeous coastline with palm-fringed white beaches, crisp aquamarine seas and spectacular views.

In fact, Phuket viewpoints are considered the island’s best tourist attractions and worthy of the most captivating Instagrammable moments. While the island is brimming with luxury pool villas and tourist attractions and Phuket famous beaches, it is Phuket viewpoints that steal the show and make Phuket one of the most memorable holiday destinations.

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, and it sits along the country’s western coast. To the west lies the shimmering turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea, while the picturesque karst cliffs of Phang Na frame the island’s northeastern shores. A nature-filled paradise, the island’s interior is a tropical jewel boasting gorgeous sunshine and plenty of lush vegetation.

Before Phuket evolved into Thailand’s most popular tourist attraction and destination, Phuket was integral to the region’s maritime trade. Phuket’s natural harbours, bays and coves make an ideal harbour. Historically, European, Indian and Chinese vessels stopped here, trading with locals and each other before heading to the next port.

Phuket’s famous beaches, natural bays and hilltop outlooks have always been listed as the best Phuket viewpoints. However, the recent opening of V Villas Phuket, an exclusive luxury pool villa in Ao Yon Bay, adds a destination to those in search for the most Phuket viewpoint. Perched 39m above sea level with panoramic views across Ao Yon Bya’s shimmering turquoise seas, V Villas Phuket may be the most beautiful Phuket viewpoint of all!

Let’s explore the top Phuket viewpoints and find out a little more about V Villas Phuket and it’s exclusive viewpoint overlooking secluded, pristine Ao Yon Bay.


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Phuket Viewpoints Are Among the Top Tourist Attractions


Simply lounge on any one of Phuket’s famous beaches, and you are instantly enjoying paradise with a view! We’ve collected a few of our favourite Phuket viewpoints here for you to explore.

Phuket Big Buddha is one of the island’s top tourist attractions and can be seen practically anywhere on the island. Located in southwestern Phuket, the 48m high Buddha of Phuket—also known as the Great Buddha or Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol Akenakrii—is Thailand’s third largest Buddha. Made from all marble, the Great Buddha viewpoint offers amazing views across Chalong Bay and Phagna Bay. Drive up anytime of the day, especially at sunset, and feast on the glorious ocean views!

Often cited as one of the most gorgeous among Phuket’s famous beaches, Karon Beach is worth visiting for it’s long white sand beaches. Head up to the viewpoint just above the beach, and you’ll be treated to panoramic views of three Phuket Bays: Kata Bay, Kata Noi and Karon Bay.

The Ya Nui Viewpoint or Windmill Viewpoint is worth visiting as well. Besides being a popular tourist attraction, the Ya Nui or Windmill Viewpoint casts beautiful ocean views over Nam Hai and Ya Nui beaches.

Meanwhile, anchoring the southern tip of Phuket island is Promthep Cape Viewpoint. Promthep Cape sunsets are infamous for their sweeping ocean views and technicolour sunset skies.

While all these Phuket viewpoints are no doubt magnificent, they are well-known tourist attractions and are often crowded. Fortunately, a new, secret Phuket viewpoint is emerging on the scene, giving visitors an opportunity to enjoy a spectacular Phuket viewpoint with absolute privacy!


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Ao Yon Bay: Discover the Newest (& Best!) Phuket Viewpoint


Soon to become one of Phuket famous beaches, Ao Yon is tranquil, pristine and less well-known than other beaches—all of which add to its charm.

Nestled in a remote, hidden bay along the island’s southeastern coast, Ao Yon is a crescent shaped bay surrounding turquoise ocean waters. Ao Yon Bay enjoys a southwestern orientation and boasts sweeping Andaman Sea and sunset views.

The picturesque beaches are home to mostly locals and a traditional fishing village. A local pearl farm in the bay cultivates natural pearl oysters. Pearl oysters act as natural filtration systems, and their presence in the bay means Ao Yon’s sea water is always clear and sparkling!

Ao Yon Bay views are absolutely magical! In the early morning, local fishermen launch their traditional boats out to sea and small sailboats and yachts go out for a spin in the bay. Rarely visited by outsiders, the white sand beaches are ringed by evergreen trees and shade palms. In the evenings, the setting sun puts on a mesmerising technicolor show, and the lights of fishing boats and yachts in the harbour evoke romance and joy.


Discover the best Phuket viewpoint at V Villas Phuket

The best way to experience the charm and beauty of Ao Yon Bay is to visit V Villas Phuket, a newly-opened luxury pool villas resort. Perched on a private hilltop soaring above the treeline, V Villas Phuket sits 39 metres above sea level, giving it a perfect vantage point to enjoy the newest and most beautiful Phuket viewpoints.

Architecturally-designed to maximize ocean views, the luxury pool villas resort offers panoramic views across the dazzling turquoise waters of Ao Yon Bay and the Andaman Sea beyond.

With an exclusive collective of only 19 masterfully-designed luxury pool villas, V Villas Phuket features captivating sea view villas, each with a private infinity pool overlooking Ao Yon Bay. Floor to ceiling windows and spacious outdoor decks create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, and evoke the  sensation of floating above the picturesque bay. V Villas Phuket offers luxury pool villas in 1-, 3- and 4 bedroom options, making this the ideal holiday destination for couples, families and friends.

As the newest Phuket viewpoint, V Villas Phuket welcomes in-house guests, locals and tourists to dine, celebrate and create unforgettable memories overlooking Ao Yon Bay.

V Villas Phuket’s landmark restaurant, Yon|Ocean House, features three distinct seating areas, including the main dining room, terrace seating and a stylish Piano Bar, each its own version of a spectacular Phuket viewpoint! Signature cocktails, a stellar wine list and luxurious lounge seating overlooking the sea makes the Piano Bar one of the best spots to enjoy a spectacular sunset.

Situated above Yon|Ocean House, Akoya|Star Lounge soars even higher — at 55 metres above sea level. Lounge seating, ambient water elements and possibly the island’s best mixology experience, Akoya|Star Lounge delivers unique 360° sunset, night sky and ocean views. Among the highest rooftop bar in Phuket, Akoya|Star Lounge offers unparalleled views and the most sought-after Instagrammable moments!

Thailand is now open to international tourism, and Phuket’s famous beaches are welcoming back visitors to their shores. Dedicated to celebrating the best Phuket viewpoints and the island’s natural beauty, V Villas Phuket offers guests a wonderful reason to return to the island paradise. Indulgent 24-hour butler service, world class gastronomy, architecturally-spectacular luxury pool villas, and a magical Phuket viewpoint make V Villas Phuket the holiday destination to kick off your post-Covid travel!


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